Hey Black Child: 13 Books you should read with your babies

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We can all agree that the books our children read at a young age have a huge impact on their development. We want our babies to know that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to. That's why it's so important to expose them to stories that they can identify with. Take a look at this list of dynamic children's books written with our beautiful Black babies in mind. Some are rich in Black history. Others are colorful children's stories with Black protagonists. Some were written by Black authors. There's something for everyone; get in where you fit in and give your babies some quality readings.



Ages 2-4


Get lost in a story of adventure and imagination with A Beach Tail. Let I'm a Pretty Little Black Girl teach your daughter to love her gorgeous features. Is it time for baby boy's first haircut? Prepare him for a Black boy right of passage with Bippity Bop Barbershop. Look to Max and the Tag Along Moon for a heartwarming story about love and family (Illustrated by Floyd Cooper, Coretta Scott King Book Award Winner...just saying).  

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Ages 4-7


Follow a group of friends as they work together to overcome their fears in Journey to Appleville. Join the quest for more screentime as Jason Touissant, The Greatest teaches the importance of brain power in a five-book series. Summer Jackson, Grown Up is the proverbial "you ain't grown" speech in book form...keep it close. Bask in the Black Girl Magic of The Golden Girls of Rio, then check out author Nikkolas' newest book, My Hair is POOFY & That's Okay. Follow the Adventures of Buster & Duval as the two furry friends hit the town. And Chicagoans, don't stop there! Author Britney Robbins founded Gray Matter, an amazing resource to feed your teenager's entrepreneurial spirit.

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Ages 7-12

Malcolm Little: The Boy Who Grew Up To Be Malcolm X is relatable perspective on a Black legend. In The Toothpaste Millionaire, new business owner Rufus Mayflower makes money moves and teaches valuable lessons in business along the way. The three-book Middle School Chronicles series was written by a Black teen, and now it's required reading for several school district curricula in Brooklyn, NY. Little Leaders tells the stories of 40 exemplary Black women in history. If you still need more, take a look at Marley Dias' #1000BlackGirlBooks

It's up to us to make sure that our next generation grows up loved, encouraged, and intellectually nourished. I hope these books help you and your family through those precious milestones in your little one's life. Check out Official Black Wall Street for our list of Black owned clothing brands for children, and make sure to share some of your favorite books for Black children in the comments!

* The title of this post was inspired by my favorite children's poem, Hey Black Child by Useni Eugene Perkins. The poem was recently published in book form...you can't read it and not fall in love!