A Spring cleaning guide for the Entrepreneurs of the world

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We have officially made it to Spring 2018...can I get an Amen? The snow is melting (hopefully), humans up north are coming out of hibernation, the Southerners are already in shorts, and the birds in the trap are singing McKnight in perfect harmony. Spring is the season of renewal, emergence, and transformation. Entrepreneurs, keep these tidbits in mind as you step into the new season.

 Take Inventory.

If you're anything like me, you made big promises at the beginning of the year...maybe to double your client base, launch a new product line, start a blog, or all three at once. You got right to it on January 1st and have kept your head down ever since. But now's the time to take a pause and re-evaluate. Spring is the perfect time to hit refresh on your plans and perspectives. How far have you come in achieving your goals? If you're ahead of schedule, figure out what's worked for you and incorporate those methods into the rest of your year. If you're behind, don't even stress. Celebrate your accomplishments, and figure out where you went wrong. Perhaps you've spread yourself too thin or haven't given yourself enough structure. Prioritize the rest of your goals, and create a step-by-step roadmap to last through December...then execute.

Build your network.

This has been my biggest lesson so far in 2018. Starting your own business is impossible without the help and inspiration of others, and trust me, I'm not judging! I've had a spirit of independence since the age of 2. "I do it myself" may have been my favorite phrase from the time I could talk until I realized I was missing a word - then it became "I can do it myself." Let me start by saying I'm proud of 2-to-26-year-old Jade for keeping that ambition and drive. But the truth is that if you choose to work alone, you're robbing yourself and your brand of infinite benefits. Building your business alone is like raising a child, only teaching them math all the way through high school, and expecting them to excel across the board in college - issa trap! If you believe you have a great idea, bounce that idea off of a group of people you can trust. I guarantee you, they'll have a fresh perspective, excellent recommendations, and new markets you can tap into, but you'll never know if you never ask. I challenge you to hit one networking event per month for the rest of the year and see if it doesn't take your project to the next level.

Bring some green into spring.

This one will be short: Check. Your. Pockets. We all know it takes money to make money, but if you're doing more taking than making, it's time to fix your budget. Identify expenses that no longer serve you, or talk to a financially savvy friend (see networking) to get you back on track. This is an issue you don't want to get away from you. Two of my favorite finance blogs are The Budgetnista and Wealth Noir. Both have great tips for personal finances, but many themes can be translated to benefit your business as well.

Respect yourself.

We all have a "to-do" list longer than our day, week, month...but you can't cross a single thing off if you're on your death bed! Are you eating right? Are you getting enough sleep (please kill the #NoSleep movement, it's a sham...more on this later)? Have you had a check-up lately? Working hard is commendable, and it's also necessary to yield results. But think about it this way: if you neglect your health, your body will go on strike and you'll be forced to take a break. Then all of the momentum you've built will come to a screeching halt while you re-calibrate! Better to find a healthy pace than to wait until all hell breaks loose...just saying. Do not choose success at the expense of your health when you can have both! Schedule that physical, buy those vegetables and slip into a reasonable sleep schedule this month.

Happy Springtime, bosses. Get to it!!