Mother Knows Best: 4 Mompreneurs Share Their Secrets To Success

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Being a mother is a full-time job that pays in hugs, kisses, and success for the little people you're raising. Today I want to introduce you to four women who decided to make their other full-time job  (the one that pays in money) work for them. Read on to find out how Kimberly, Genesis, Denise and Quiana have managed to find success in both motherhood and entrepreneurship.

Kimberly Folkes: Bliss Creative

If you've had a good look at our site here at The ENSO, you've already been acquainted with the work of Bliss Creative Atlanta. Kimberly Folkes started her business to make more time for her growing family. She takes pride in connecting with her clients to create business cards, stationery, logos, invitations, and more.

Her Mission: Provide creative, eye-catching designs that turn her clients' visions into reality. "I love that I can provide great service and be virtual, but still involve my clients every step of the way."

Her Biggest Entrepreneurial Challenge: Managing finances. "Math hasn't always been my strongpoint...I feel like [finance] would have been more resourceful to learn rather than taking PE every semester in high school."

Mother's Intuition:"Take a deep breath. Don't think that [your dream] is going to come together overnight. Introduce yourself with pride, and always carry a business card."


Genesis Emery: The Little Dapper Collection

Before the birth of her son Noah, Genesis was already an entrepreneur. Her journey to motherhood led her into a new venture that became The Little Dapper Collection, a brand that gives back in more ways than you could ever imagine.

Her Mission: Groom boys into young gentlemen, promote unity and give back to children with special needs.

Her Inspiration: While shopping for baby clothes during her first pregnancy, Genesis noticed a void in the market. "There were bowties for toddlers and older boys, but none for babies." A fashionista at heart, she set out to create her own high-quality bowties for infants. When her son Noah was born with Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome, Genesis realized that her business should have a bigger and better cause. "A portion of our revenue goes to charities and non-profits that help children in need."

Mother's Intuition: "You're not providing your best service if you are not giving back. Find a group of people who can benefit from your success and pour into them."


Denise Jackson: La'Suan Swimwear

Looking for new swimwear for the summer? Denise's new brand, La'Suan Swimwear, was developed with every woman in mind. 

Her Mission: Make women of all shapes and sizes feel beautiful while feeding the minds of young people interested in fashion design.

Her transition from employer to employee: Denise decided to take her entrepreneurial leap after realizing that her 9-5 came with some pretty significant costs. "I was giving away my value for less... I didn’t spend much quality time with my daughter. I wasn't healthy. Eventually, my goals & dreams didn’t matter anymore because I didn’t have the energy to focus on them."

Mother's Intuition: "Never put your dreams behind anybody else’s because you’re worth everything!"


Quiana Darden: Navabella

Quiana Darden's home fragrance brand, Navabella, features vegan, cruelty-free products. I've bought her candles for my own home and for friends as well. Trust me, they're incredible.

Her Mission: Provide vegan, high-quality fragrance products without sacrificing the health of her customers.

Balancing business and motherhood: At times when Quiana can't get enough work done while Ava sleeps, she gets creative. "I try to involve her in my work as much as possible. She loves attending vendor events and helping me mail out packages. It's definitely a balancing act,  but I never want to put my business before being a present mother."

Mother's Intuition: "Don't start an expensive hobby! Make sure your business concept is a profitable one and always offer excellent customer service."


Drop some of your favorite mompreneurs in the comments below. Happy Mother's Day!